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We all know the struggle of being a caregiver for your loved one with Alzheimer’s. We had people share their biggest lessons from being caregiver on our Facebook Group and this is what they had to say:

Top 3 Favorite Lessons:

1. I have learned to just join her on her Journey for the day, and not try to tell her it’s not happening. – Shelly K.
2. My Mom is 96 and is not excited about eating, but loves candy and pizza. At that age with dementia, I keep her happy by fixing what she likes to eat. She has lived with me over three years and I have gained 10 pounds. Some days are just so hard. – Linda T.
3. To enjoy the moment, take a lot of pics, let her help. I have learned more strength, I have learned how caring I am, the capacity of empathy that is inside me, and I have learned how to be blessed, even on the rough days. – Missy B.

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