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We recently launched an Ambitious Kickstarter project. What is it?

It’s a childrens book.

Get the Book, CLICK HERE

Well, I know that doesn’t sound too Ambitious but it is. A very difficult aspect of Alzheimer’s Disease is the effects it has on one’s family members.

We created a beautiful book full of great visuals meant for Children and Teens. It’s a story about why Grandma keeps forgetting.

The book uses a metaphor of Grandma’s memories being candy in a Candy shop but a mean monster sneaks in and starts eating them slowly.

We’ve Collaborated with many caregivers to get the story and the visuals done correctly.

We need your help in bringing this project to Light. We are offering the kickstarter cost of the book for a reduced price that won’t last long. Help us our and buy the book by Clicking Here